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Our Journey

Connect44 was founded in the heart of Switzerland in 2000. Our goal was to support Telecom Operators and Equipment Manufacturers to design, manage and Optimise Mobile Networks. Starting with some of the first 2G voice networks, we began to grow our team of professionals to equip ourselves for new projects with new technologies and new ways of working. Investing substantial amounts of our budget on training, we started to move into 3G then 4G. Soon came the changes to IP networks, VOIP and preparing networks for large amounts of data by modernisation of old analogue networks to the digital standards. Over the past years Connect44 has steadily developed key longterm partnerships with its clients in many European countries with offices in Switzerland, UK, Germany, France, Romania and Chile.

We pride ourselves on having a team that includes some of the top engineers in our industry. Many of our people have been with the company for over 15 years showing great commitment to Connect44 and our client focused approach. The group has over 950 employees among its ranks with 900 of these being specialist engineers that deliver our services with great enthusiasm and care. The rest are dedicated professional people that focus on running an organisation with excellent internal communication, is fast to react to client needs, agile, lean and takes great satisfaction in achieving excellent results. We have been very lucky to be able to develop some strong and long lasting relationships with our clients built on trust from both sides. We strongly believe that integrity in dealing with customers is a prerequisite for a successful and sustained business relationship.

For the future we aim to further develop our team so that we can move forward with our clients in this ever changing market place. We look forward to strengthen our service portfolio with new services and start to embrace the new and exciting opportunities that will come through digitalisation. Connect44’s success journey may have started in 2000, but in fact it has only just begun.


Our Values

The Connect44 values are based upon a number of important principles and capture qualities that each employee is encouraged to embody as an essential part of our success.


Our Team

Our team is composed of highly trained and experienced people driven by the sole motivation of creating great products and services for our customers.


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