Trilobite Solution – a C44 Green Concept

Trilobite Solution – a C44 Green Concept

As climate change is escalating all over the world and the climate crisis becomes more serious by the day, Connect44 Group has embedded in their core values the mission to Net Zero and become a sustainable business.

Based on those principles, our innovative engineers have designed a green concept for your business: the Trilobite Solution, based on 3 pillars: Green Energy, E-Charging Station and 5G Antenna.

Our green energy design solution:

One of the highest costs in any network is the power consumption – our major focus area has been to offer solutions which will optimize and reduce the Co2 footprint and go greener whilst doing so.

We have been rethinking infrastructure and introduced the Trilobite concept - combining 5G infrastructure with artistic spherical wind turbines for rooftops, street poles, lamps and towers – a solution that both makes the permitting easier as it adds a greener touch to the infrastructure, but at the same time intelligent investment in constant energy source for the next 20 years!

What are the benefits of using Trilobite Green Concept:

  • Securing critical infrastructure
  • Reducing the CO2 footprint
  • Contributing with min. 25% green energy to your new 5G infrastructure, on-site
  • Securing infrastructure solutions, the green way
  • Infrastructure solution for city space, all in one
  • A green design by Connect44
  • Secure your green infrastructure now
  • 5G, E-Charging and Green Energy, all in one solution

Trilobite Green Concept - Connect44

Furthermore, the Trilobite concept is currently being extended with more features especially for E-Charging on locations in the city environment, paving the way to smarter city planning, simpler, faster and cost-efficient.