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Golang Coding Engineer (remote home based work)

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We are looking for Golang Coding Engineer – home based role, you can work from your country

Monitoring and reporting processes to make sure that all systems are up and running.
 Creating build and deploy routines using virtualized environments – mainly Docker.
 Creating external services for error logging.
 Setting up an environment for developers across platforms (Windows, Mac)
 Operate and maintain orchestration and automation routines in production (Kubernetes,
Ansible, Chef, Puppet)
 Complete periodic application software updates and software version upgrades
 Spotting security / privacy issues in running services.
 Participate in the back-end development with Go lang
 Support product development teams in the delivery of continuous integration, continuous
deployment, providing templates and patterns to follow to ensure code produced by product
development teams can be deployed and scaled on standardized technologies and platforms.
 Participate in after-hours maintenance when necessary, respond to emergencies.
 Golang knowledge and experience in production – min. 2 years’ hands-on experience coding in
Golang (MUST)
 Expert level knowledge of containerized and visualized environments (Docker, VirtualBox,
VMware) (MUST)
 Proficiency in Linux administration
 Knowledge of configuration management and orchestration technologies such as Chef,
Puppet, Ansible, Salt.
 Experience in preparing CI/CD routines.
 Version controlling build routines and deployments scripts using git.
 Scaling and fine-tuning PostgreSQL servers according to server resources.
 Being able to setup and maintain time series databases.
 Experience in building self-healing and high availability services.
 Familiarity with Elastic stack is a big plus


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