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Admin Assistant -Chinese speaking

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Admin Assistant -Chinese speaking

Accounts business operation:

  1. Organize and operate the account insight: Organize the development and review of account CPVP, and regularly operate the CPVP completeness and quality.
  2. Regularly track the implementation progress of the customer relationship plan. (key customer management: standardization of the execution process of light-load and heavy-load customer contact activities; tracking customer issues, etc.) Assist in organizing monthly customer relationship analysis meetings.
  3. Operate and evaluate customer satisfaction, and track the closure of voice of customers.
  4. Organize, support, implement, and track key business activities of accounts.

 Sales business operation:

  1. Standardization and compliance of sales project operations: regularly review the standardization and compliance of sales project (program) operations.
  2. Order management: be responsible for the authenticity of the order data and the accuracy of the order forecast, and be responsible for the standardization of split/loan/pre-sales and decision-making.
  3. Review and decision-making business organization and operation: organize ATX review and decision-making, track and close ATX tasks, and organize SDT routine proactive operations.

 Routine digital operation of accounts and sales business:

Based on the data in the operation dashboard, identify issues and risks, give early warnings in a timely manner, drive account departments to pay attention to and resolve operational issues, and track and close the issues.