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Fault Management Engineer for Lvl 2 [Spanish speaking] - Bucharest/Timisoara/Remote


Fault Management Engineer for Lvl 2 [Spanish speaking] - Bucharest/Timisoara/Remote

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Fixed network engineer with at least 2 years of experience on the project or legacy fixed telecom equipment with good knowledge of at least one of technologies S12 and 5ESS. Very good abilities for communication in Spanish language (minimum B2).


  • Treats all tickets escalated towards L2 by L1 team and supports on all queries submitted towards L2 team by L1 team
  • Provides deep analyze for degradation appear on 5ESS and/or S12 equipment
  • Good knowledge on fixed legacy telecom networks
  • Keep the communication with all technical representatives from Telefonica Spain customer
  • Supports in generating reports in the responsibility of L1 team and Technical lead
  • Delivers explanations for degradation appeared and measures taken.
  • Must provide a deep analyze of high technical level of the degradations appeared at national, regional, local level and explanations for route cause for degradation
  • Identifies the cause of the degradation and to take the necessary action according to technical instruction and the process in place and his own knowledge.
  • His actions should not be based only on processes such as for L1. Even there is not a clear process for treating the degradation, based on his experience and technical knowledge, he should take the proper action to clear degradation on all equipment
  • In case of major degradation on a certain technology he is responsible with a deeper analyze and report for this situation to providing measures, recommendation for customer.
  • At the end of the analysis, determines the cause of degradation and launch the proper action to resolve the degradation.
  • Offers support to field technicians (from customer or other subcontractors) if requested.
  • Escalates tickets to correct groups or equipment vendor to reach resolution, according to technical instruction and current process.
  • notifies customer on request with the status and final resolution of incidents
  • Identify alerts/tickets that have a risk of exceeding SLAs and communicate status
  • Provide analysis and trends, launch corrective actions to avoid recurring incidents and minimize future problems and network availability
  • Participates in different meetings with the customer and/or L1 team
  • Documents new and modifies existing work instructions for L1 team based on new input from customer or technical lead

Service Supplier Personnel Competencies

FMaaS L2 competence requirements

  • Spanish minimum level B1
  • Bachelor’s degree in technical domain
  • Good technical skills in fixed legacy telecom networks
  • Basic Transmission network knowledge
  • Product knowledge
  • Knowledge in at least one of 5ESS or S12 technologies
  • Ability for deep analyze
  • Several years of experience in telecom
  • Basic Telecom knowledge
  • Office tools (outlook, word, excel skills), ticketing tools experience

Service Supplier Personnel Competencies

Service Supplier personnel designated to deliver the services, must demonstrate required competencies, which can be categorized as follows:

  • General Technology knowledge
  • Language and communication skills
  • Process/Tools related skills