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Service Desk Engineer [French Speaking]


Service Desk Engineer [French Speaking]

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Posibility to work remotely, Romania

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For our team in Romania, we are looking for a French Speaking Service Desk Engineer

Initial Requirements:

  • Knowledge in 2,3, 4G technology, in general
  • General Technology Knowledge with emphasizes on Huawei OMCs (M2000, U2000, U2020) – Verifying Alarms, Verifying site state, understanding its content
  • Process and other Tools related skills
  • Configuration management Activities on Huawei/Ericsson Radio Products
  • Band integration, site pre-integration, Low-Level Design (LLD) modification
  • Troubleshooting of the issues appeared after the remote implementation of network related services including but not limited to: integration, configuration, re-homing using predefined work instructions
  • Support for site integration/swap/upgrade for all the RAN technologies 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G for multivendor environment (Huawei/Ericsson).
  • Pilot solution testing
  • Preventive maintenance and software upgrade using predefined work instructions
  • Assistance for field staff during various implementation activities, planned works and related-basic troubleshooting
  • Ensure accurate and timely creation, update and completion of all tickets, with prompt escalation and notification of incidents during operations as per technical instructions received from both customers and internal management
  • Ensuring that telecom services are delivered within the contractual deadlines
  • French knowledge: B1

Responsibilities and Activity overview:

Technical Assistance Center (TAC) scope (PT 507 Advanced):

  • Hotline related activities à technical support offered for the coordination of field engineers on site or other issues which require technical expertise
  • Handling tickets related to the following topics: RET-TMA, RSSI, VSWR, PIM, TEA/TDC, Cross feeder/Cross sector, HPF alarms (Hardware Partial Fault), RPH alarms (Reflected Power High), Clash Post OP
  • Perform remote actions and create tickets for issues related to the following topics: Alarm handling, troubleshooting, Ticket handling & follow-up
  • Technical support to other entities or support related to other services delivered by our team
  • Complex troubleshooting related to network faults
  • Performing corrective actions related to the detected network incoherencies, based on tickets with “Non conform” status
  • Investigations related to unsuccessful operations performed
  • Performing root cause analysis
  • Corrective actions on network issues detected
  • Procedure improvement
  • Network parameters audit
  • Procedure audit & improvements proposal related to the non-conformities number decrease initiative
  • Ticket handling
  • Database accuracy checks
  • Network incoherencies detection
  • Triggering the entities related to different issues detected in order to be handled by the proper group
  • Controlling the correct usage of processes and procedures
  • Live checks with technicians on site related to post Integration activities, for both physical & logical parts
  • Performing corrective actions related to detected network incoherencies
  • Quality checks after installation in live controls , with the technicians on sites
  • Quality checks after installation (Swap radio from Huawei equipment to Ericsson equipment) in live controls with the technicians on sites
  • Post installation physical checks in synchro operations with the technicians: Technical zone equipment, energy, RRU, FH, antennas , jumpers, optical fibres ,connectors
  • Post installation logical checks ( Radio- OMC Huawei/ OMC Ericsson ): alarms, cells state, RET/TMA/Tilts,RSSI/RTWP, VSWR, bandwidth
  • Post operations logical checks (Radio -OMC Ericsson ) using Scripts
  • 5G TDD Huawei post installation logical checks
  • Logical transmission verifications ( Tools: OMC Trans Huawei / OMC Trans Ericsson ): IP Address, TX Frequency, TX Power, RX Level, Guaranteed Capacity, Modulation, Full Capacity modulation, Polarization, IF Channel Bandwidth, XPIC, QOS