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Radio Network Optimization Engineer


Radio Network Optimization Engineer

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  • Site first tuning activities (mutitechnology including 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G).
  • During first 48 hours after integration, different task will be performed in order to ensure that site has successfully completed the integration phase and the node has reached the First Tuning KPI targets.
  • Root cause analysis on the potential KPI degradation.
  • Perform cluster/site KPI analysis.
  • KPI analysis report generation and optimization proposals to lead the cluster KPIs to achieve the expected targets.
  • BSC/RNC and cell level parameters audit and optimization.
  • Cluster acceptance report collaboration.
  • Multitechnology troubleshooting activities.

Skills and Experience Required

  • Positions open relate to all seniority levels: fresh graduates, junior, mid-level and senior profiles are needed.
  • High level of English language (spoken and written)
  • Strong analytical and writing skills to draft reports (and customer presentations)
  • Analytic skills and team player behaviour. Result-oriented mindset.
  • Openness to face new challenges, propose process improvements and willingless to learn new cutting-edge technologies.