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Senior Network Developer - SDN


Senior Network Developer - SDN

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Remote in Romania

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We are looking for a Senior Network Developer, remote in Romania

Role purpose:

  • Work dedicated in a team, close to the Product Owner (within the product line) following the Agile methodology to transform the DC infrastructure and build the SDN evolution
  • The Cloud Developer is responsible for creating prototypes, designing and building modules and solutions for Cloud Platforms in an iterative agile cycles, develop, maintain, and optimize the business outcome
  • This role is responsible for estimating user and technical stories, designing and developing code, writing and executing unit and integration tests, and supporting testing of deliverables against user and technical story acceptance tests
  • This role is responsible for performing peer reviews, collaborating with architects and other developers to produce “just enough” design, and ensuring that enough technical documentation and training is provided for reference and operational support
  • This role is responsible for providing software-related operations support, including managing level two and level three incident and problem management

Key accountabilities and decision ownership:

  • Estimate user and technical stories to help inform and prioritize backlog
  • Design modules according to user stories, UX/UI designs, and technical stories
  • Develop solutions according to module designs and deploy using delivery pipeline
  • Develop and execute unit and integration tests; support testing against user and technical story acceptance tests
  • Optimize user stories and UX/UI
  • Manage technical debt as part of daily activities
  • Conduct peer reviews and maintain coding standards
  • Manage incidents & problems as level two and three, being part of on-call rotation

Core competencies, knowledge and experience:

  • Agile and lean programming and development of software systems in Web-scale environments
  • Backlog item estimation
  • Unit, integration, smoke and static code analysis testing
  • Architectural element testing e.g. APIs
  • Core network knowledge SDN based
  • Automated testing and configuration tools: Jenkins, Ansible, GIT, Puppet
  • Expertise in multiple programming and markup languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, SQL, XML, JSON, YAML and Python, and paradigms such as object-oriented-, even-driven-, procedural-, functional-, and declarative programming
  • CICD methodologies and tools
  • DevOps culture, processes, and tools