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Spare parts Administrator (Cloud Operation)


Spare parts Administrator (Cloud Operation)

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Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt

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We are looking for a Spare parts Administrator (Cloud Operation)

Title: Spare parts Administrator (Cloud Operation)

Job Description:

1. Interface with spare parts related businesses with customer, be responsible for the operation and support of spare parts delivery business, including requests handling, order fulfilment , business monitoring and KPI management of spare parts delivery process;

2. Be responsible for the management of the corresponding regional spare parts delivery , as well as the coordination and communication in surrounding areas (such as warehousing / logistics LSP), ensure the timeliness and accuracy of end-to-end spare parts delivery (SLA Management and OTS Achievement), promote the effective turnover of spare parts and ensure the consistency of accounting and physical goods;

3. Be able to reasonably determine the spare parts supply mode according to the spare parts demand scenario, optimize the spare parts supply process, identify the risks in service delivery, spare parts inventory and asset security, and cooperate with professional departments to take effective countermeasures to avoid problems.

Skill Requirements:

1. Have certain customer-facing work capabilities and strong promotion capabilities.

2. Strong communication and expression skills and understand customer language.

3. Passionate, brave to accept challenges, strong ability to withstand pressure

[Professional knowledge requirements]:

  1. Familiar with spare parts management, logistics management or spare parts supply management business in IT industry;
  2. Strong problem handling, communication and coordination skills, successful delivery and cost control experience.
  3. Have certain project management experience