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We are looking for a Technical Draftsman (3D-REVIT) in Barcelona

  1. Profile

Professional with demonstrated knowledge and experience on 3D &2D technical drawing in REVIT and AutoCAD.

Professional skills:

  • Draftsman with experience in 3D drawing using REVIT of wireless sites based on design documents and survey information.
  • No design skills are required.

Expected responsibilities:

  • Be able to create a wireless site by 2D & 3D architecture model by AutoCAD & REVIT, based on existing design documentation and survey information (Panoramic photo or scan), including all visible element on the wireless site, including but not limited as wireless and transmission equipment, Radio system (antenna, TMA/Combiner), power system, Tower/Pole system, shelter/room, foundation or other infrastructure etc, also including building environment information.
  • Produce final 3D model at LOD (Level of Detail) 500 as per BIM, containing data information for the construction project after completion, including complete component parameters and attributes. The model should be ready to be directly handed over to the operator as a basis for operations and maintenance.
  • Deliver documentation in. STL,.DWG and pdf formats.
  • Creation of Library and families according to the information provided.
  • Creation of As-built drawings and able to generate sheets using the provided 3D drawings
  • Understanding the inputs (Photos, Data sheets and AutoCAD drawings) and able to generate the output as per requirements.

Skill Set:

  • Good to have fair understanding of Telecom networks mainly on Cell sites structures.
  • Certification in REVIT
  • Well verse knowledge on AutoCAD with 2D & 3D drawings of sites (floor plans, Site layout, Building plan. Etc)
  • BIM & Structural modeling

Preferred Experience:

  • · 3 to 5 Years of Experience in creating Drawing using REVIT.
  • · Experience in Telecom domain is will be an added advantage.
  • · Dynomo scripting and ArcGIS PRO knowledge is preferred
  • · Location: Barcelona (Spain)