Mobile Network Services Radio Network Optimisation


CONNECT44 provides radio network planning, drive testing and radio network optimisation services.

These services can be used to provide radio network assessments, operator benchmarking and radio network troubleshooting, and radio network performance improvement.

The End-user experience, as well as network performance, are measured and analysed. the network configurations are optimised to improve the End-user experience.


Mobile Network Services Radio Network Optimisation


Network performance optimisation can be achieved in an efficient and cost-effective manner through our multiple vendors (HUAWEI/NOKIA/ERICSSON/ZTE) and technologies (GSM/UMTS/LTE) optimisation experience.

Site Planning

Cluster Planning

Frequency/Scrambling code planning

Coverage and interference analysis

Capacity management

Parameter planning

Route planning

Operator benchmarking

Single site verification

Cluster testing and analysis

Pre/Post network rollout testing

Network audits

Site consistency checking

Coverage impact analysis

Drive test analysis

Alarm clearance for network elements

Network trouble shooting

Network capacity and performance monitoring


Mobile Network Services Radio Network Optimisation

Network Performance Management
  • Field Measurements & Logs analysis
  • Network Performance Monitoring & Analysis
    • GUL KPIs analysis and reporting;
    • Monitoring of Performance Alarms
    • Long-term KPI trends Tracking
    • Network potential risks analyzing.
  • Occasional/Event Assurance
  • Customer Complaint Handling

Network Performance Improvement
  • Cluster Optimisation
  • KPI Performance Troubleshooting
    • Service KPI improvement
    • Worst cell analysis
  • Parameter Fine-Tuning
  • Network Strategies Optimisation
    • GUL interoperability optimisation
    • QoS classes management
P3 Analysis & Solution
  • Voice : Assessing smartphone-to-smartphone calls evaluating success of the call setup, call setup time and user triggered termination in addition to evaluating voice quality (MOS)
  • Data : Browsing the most popular websites uploading and downloading, social media applications, transferring files, Streaming YouTube
  • Drive Test: In cities, small towns and on connecting roads two main corresponding categories, smartphone voice and data services.
  • Walk Test : Walk-test taking the trains between cities and into more rural areas devices call stationary-receivers