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IT and Cloud

Connect44 IT & Cloud Engineering solutions help your enterprise evaluate your IT needs, define a cloud strategy, create a roadmap and seamlessly migrate your applications and systems on the Cloud infrastructure.


Data Migration

Data migration is no simple task. Whether you’re replacing, upgrading or consolidating systems within your storage environment—you need to transfer your data safely, cost effectively, and with reduced business disruption.


Data Centers

Transforming the data center into a service-driven and intelligent data center and accomplishing automatic processing of daily affairs of the IT department, operation, and end-to-end flows. Providing a complete and reliable combination of products and services.


Big Data

In a world of ever increasing information that we are creating and storing Connect44 is developing services to supporting companies to capture and compute this data to reveal patterns, trends and associations in relation to human behaviour and interations.



In an age where people communicate more than ever but talk less and less, network enabled devices (machines) are talking to each other in real time and exchanging information that can be recorded and used to improve the way and speed at which we respond to situations.


IoT (Internet of Things)

The availability of broadband internet and data transfer speeds are increasing every day whilst at the same time the costs to connect decrease. The trend to connect more and more devices to the network has created the so called ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ .


Billing and CRM

The management of telecommunications service providers is becoming increasingly complex. Multi-product line ups, pricing complexity, bundling, customer experience improvement, and ever shortening time to market are some of the challenges facing executives in the industry.


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