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CONNECT44 Head Office Alpenquai 10 6005 Lucerne Switzerland T: +41 41 375 88 44 M: info@connect44.com

Mobile Network Engineering

Connect44 Mobile Network Engineering solutions help wireless telecommunications carriers and equipment vendors to design, launch and optimize their networks.


Radio Access Planning

Providing Radio Network Planning and Optimisation services is a key and core area for Connect44.


Radio Network Optimization

CONNECT 44 provides radio network planning, drive testing and radio network optimisation services.


Transmission Network Planning

Connect44 Transmission Network Planning services are focused on the design and engineering of lower- and higher RAN transport infrastructure.


Transmission Network Optimization

Connect44 Transmission Network Optimization services are focused on the performance improvement of lower- and higher RAN transport infrastructure.


Mass NE rehost and upgrade

Connect44 are experts in providing NE rehost, Swap and Upgrade services.


Core Network Engineering

Connect44 are able to provide various Core Networking Engineering services.


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