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Billing and CRM

The management of telecommunications service providers is becoming increasingly complex. Multi-product line ups, pricing complexity, bundling, customer experience improvement, and ever shortening time to market are some of the challenges facing executives in the industry.

In this context, investment in information technologies such as CRM and converged billing systems is paramount. They remain the necessary tools to address some of the issues mentioned above. However, mirroring the growing business complexity, information systems are themselves becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Thus, management faces a paradox: information technology is a necessary pre-requisite for Operators to be a viable competitor, while its deployment and operation can be fraught with risks and become a hurdle.

Services such as CRM customer life cycle management, Convergent Charging systems, Customer portals for  self empowerment and account management, Revenue management, Customer documentation management, Network Inventory Management, Interconnect Management and Business intelligence are some of the major areas where our internal Billing and CRM team are ready to support your needs.

Connect44 provide outsourcing and cost reduction services in this complex and costly sector.

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