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Radio Network Optimization

CONNECT 44 provides radio network planning, drive testing and radio network optimisation services. These services can be used to provide radio network assessment, operator benchmarking and radio network trouble shooting and radio network performance improvement.

The End-user experience as well as network performance are measured and analysed. the network configurations are optimised to improve End-user experience.

Network performance optimisation can be achieved in an efficient and cost-effective manner through our multiple vendors (HUAWEI/NOKIA/ERICSSON/ZTE) and technologies (GSM/UMTS/LTE) optimisation experience.


  • Site planning
  • Cluster planning
  • Frequency/Scrambling code planning
  • Coverage and interference analysis
  • Capacity management
  • Parameter planning


  • Route planning
  • Operator benchmarking
  • Single site verification
  • Cluster testing and analysis
  • Pre/Post network rollout testing


  • Network audits
  • ¬†Site consistency checking
  • Coverage impact analysis
  • Drive test analysis
  • Alarm clearance for network elements
  • Network trouble shooting
  • Network capacity and performance monitoring

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