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Transmission Network Planning

Connect44 Transmission Network Planning services are focused on the design and engineering of lower- and higher RAN transport infrastructure. With the rollout of LTE mobile network operators are facing an increased capacity demand on their transport networks that are within the reach of fiber connections only.

FTTS (Fiber-To-The-Site) though preferred solution is not always viable due to regulatory and service availability limitations. Just few years ago on the brink of extinction, terrestrial point-to-point microwave communications have made their way back as an alternative to fiber thanks to advanced radio technologies and the regulation of the upper end of EHF (Extremely-High-Frequency).

In the process of planning your transmission network we’ll partner with you in order to set forth a number of number of crucial transmission network KPIs, such the overall reliability, system scalability traffic load and shaping, QoS, protection mechanisms, cost estimation, etc.

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