Network Management

Connect44 is a leading provider of end-to-end network management solutions in Europe and the UK. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive service portfolio with a focus on delivering all of our services across all of our country presences.

Services Overview

Connect44 provides multilingual 24/7/365 network monitoring and support services across mobile, fixed and IT networks. Our focus is, and will always be, to put our customers and their subscribers as our priority – ensuring immediate reactivity and expert technical support to resolve network faults and performance issues as rapidly as possible...

Fibre NOC

Connect44 is heavily engaged in delivering thousands of fibre connections to premises in Germany; our Fibre NOC located in Hamburg monitors and supports the fibre network as it is built-out and activated, supporting customers and delivery projects.

The Connect44 fibre NOC has expansive technical capability and is being expanded in readiness to monitor and support fibre networks across Europe and the UK.

RAN & Transport NOC

Connect44 RAN NOC services currently actively monitor all RAN technologies from 2G to 4G ORAN and 5G-SA ORAN from our operational centres in Romania, Spain and the UK, for both Mobile Network Operators and Vendor Trial Networks; monitoring, diagnosing fault conditions and providing first line support to core network and field engineers.

Core NOC

Our Core NOC operating in Romania and the UK has an extensive capability, hosting more than two hundred operatives, managing a UK MNO, for Core Network operations, performance management and change activities.

Other areas of the NOCs are segregated by project or operator to ensure confidentiality and data security; the Romania NOC partners with the remote NOC in Spain to manage RAN operations in Spain and Portugal; plus ORAN networks in Spain and Germany.

Service Desk

Our service desk functions embedded in our NOC services are key communications points for enquiry and fault management.

Utilising in-house developed ticketing systems and processes, developed and optimised through many years of successful service desk operation, or utilising and integrating our customer tools and systems, our service desks serve a host of industry sectors across telecoms and IT sectors, efficiently and effectively processing, monitoring and managing fault and incident events to closure.